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2013-10-04 11:47 am
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Art, art, aarrrrtt

I've been working on personal art projects more than fanart lately - but I'm becoming more comfortable with using PTSai as a result. I'll be linking my art tumblr on my info page too, but I'll be posting all my artsy things over at: dlbillustration 
Random fanart of Naruto charas will likely be fairly often, as well as lots of faerie and fantasy inspired things.

And ugh, I need to get a space heater so I can just sit in front of it all day.

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2013-09-11 07:32 am
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(no subject)

Going to finish my RR challenge today, gosh dangit. Remind me in the future that I hate drawing huge window frames. /sigh
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2013-09-03 07:28 pm


I need to draw myself an icon for when I post fanart. /adds to list of things to draw
Anyway! Still steadily working on two different pieces - going to hold back on posting my entry for the Role Reversal challenge until I'm done, but I will post what progress I have on my other! This is the piece where my ink bled, so I really do need to clean up lines, but meh, I'll get there anyway!
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2013-09-02 07:54 pm

"I'm not Yamato."

Title: "I'm not Yamato."
Fandom: Naruto (and a hint of BtVS)
Rating: PG-13 for.. a smidgen of violence?
Notes: Yeah, more than likely this will turn into a little series. AU!
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Naruto, VIZ and all those who hold claim - this is simply for enjoyment.
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2013-08-30 10:51 am
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Di's thoughts for the day

1. I really friggin' hate the horror movie ads on DA and youtube and wherever else they end up. 
2. Where the hell is my ruler I can never find you when I want you dangit
3. Reminder to self, no more using the cheapo paper for finished products it drinks up way too much ink
4. If I finish the lineart for this piece this afternoon, and scan and clean it up a little, I'll post a teaser before I add color \o/
5. Eff, I'm going to need to take my allergy meds. T_T

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2013-08-29 10:29 am

Self challenge

I almost want to take a page out of Gai and Rock Lee's book and set up self punishments if I don't keep up with my self challenges. =/
Regardless! I have an AU addiction and after two weeks of almost nothing but reading Kakasaku fics, I would love to contribute to the fandom. I write some, but I want to push myself to draw more, thus an art self challenge it is.
001. Pirates 002. Pokemon 003. Hogwarts 004. Musicians 005. Mythology
006. Fairy Tales 007. Bookshop/Library 008. Artist/Muse 009. Mutants 010. Middle-earth
011. Romance novel 012. Folklore 013. Personification 014. Monster 015. Avatar:TLA
016. Circus 017. Magical Girl 018. 1950s Americana 019. Steampunk 020. Venetian Masquerade
021. Angels&Demons 022. Red String of Fate 023. Tattoos 024. Shakespeare 025. Southern Gothic
026. Urban fantasy 027. 1920s Prohibition 028. School 029. Superheroes 030. Childrens Classic
031. Holidays 032. Reincarnation 033. Genderswap 034. Dancing 035. Ghosts
036. Soul Eater 037. Starcrossed 038. Cyberpunk 039. Hunters&Slayers 040. Time Travel
041. Fairy Courts 042. Host Club 043. Howl's Moving Castle 044. Hipsters 045. Seven sins
046.Coffeeshop 047.Medieval 048.1940s WWII 049.Artist's Choice 050.Artist's Choice