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Title: "I'm not Yamato."
Fandom: Naruto (and a hint of BtVS)
Rating: PG-13 for.. a smidgen of violence?
Notes: Yeah, more than likely this will turn into a little series. AU!
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Naruto, VIZ and all those who hold claim - this is simply for enjoyment.
The door slammed, pink hair wild when she opened it. "You're late!" The rather sudden proclamation had Kakashi looking at his watch, perterbed.

"...Am I?" He raised his eyebrows and shook the watch next to his ear, half wondering if the girl had psychic abilities or a witch somewhere in her family. He hadn't known that he would be expected.

"It's half past 6, isn't it? Come in." She moved aside, waving him in impatiently.

"Am I at the right address?" He asked no one in particular, but was kept from reading the number on her door when she yanked him inside and shut it behind them. Kakashi hurriedly extracted himself from her hands, rubbing his forearm.

"You have a rather impressive grip," he grumbled, which was met with a frown.

"Well a Slayer is supposed to be strong, isn't she?" She turned on her heel and headed down the hallway towards an open door.
Was that a trick question? Kakashi didn't answer. He had been under the impression that Slayer's typically kept their "identity" a secret - unless they were with their Watcher, or talking to a Council member. He hadn't been a part of the Council for a few years now.

"Anyway, I have all my stuff ready to go," she called over her shoulder, disappearing through the open doorway.

"Do you?" Kakashi looked back at his watch, as if it had the answers to his questions.

"Yes," and her voice held a note of impatience. "You know, you don't sound anything like you do on the phone, Yamato-sensei."


Her head popped back into the hallway, her eyebrows drawn together. "'Oh' what?"

"I'm not Yamato." An impatient knock suddenly rattled the door and Kakashi turned away from her and pointed at it. "That is probably Yamato." Kakashi turned back towards the young woman - just in time for a hard black blur to hit him in the face. Kakashi was out cold before he hit the floor.

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Date: 2013-09-09 04:30 am (UTC)
eos_joy: Naruto - KakashiSakura (none of this) (Naruto - KakashiSakura (none of this))
From: [personal profile] eos_joy
*lol* Oh wow I love this! Between the Buffy-like Universe (I assume) and Yamato and Kakashi and Sakura I am enjoying this thoroughly already. ^^


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