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2013-10-04 11:47 am
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Art, art, aarrrrtt

I've been working on personal art projects more than fanart lately - but I'm becoming more comfortable with using PTSai as a result. I'll be linking my art tumblr on my info page too, but I'll be posting all my artsy things over at: dlbillustration 
Random fanart of Naruto charas will likely be fairly often, as well as lots of faerie and fantasy inspired things.

And ugh, I need to get a space heater so I can just sit in front of it all day.

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2013-09-11 07:32 am
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(no subject)

Going to finish my RR challenge today, gosh dangit. Remind me in the future that I hate drawing huge window frames. /sigh
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2013-08-30 10:51 am
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Di's thoughts for the day

1. I really friggin' hate the horror movie ads on DA and youtube and wherever else they end up. 
2. Where the hell is my ruler I can never find you when I want you dangit
3. Reminder to self, no more using the cheapo paper for finished products it drinks up way too much ink
4. If I finish the lineart for this piece this afternoon, and scan and clean it up a little, I'll post a teaser before I add color \o/
5. Eff, I'm going to need to take my allergy meds. T_T